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Creative Break Out

Following my last blog 'Rediscovering your Inner Child' I decided to review some of the many art self help books and manuals I've bought over the years. We all have them on shelves somewhere!! I was delighted to rediscover books I had purchased by two wonderful teachers - Bill Buchman and Betty Edwards.

Both authors have a similar ethos - that the key to the creative process is to relax, let yourself be free and to have fun. How like the weekend in Newlyn!!

Bill Buchman's philosophy is all about celebrating freedom, expressiveness and creativity. His DVD 'Creative Break Out - The Art of Freedom' makes for a fun workshop experience. Those of you who enjoy life drawing will really take to his innovative approach to the subject.

Edward's ground breaking 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain' (now available as a workbook) encourages learning through fun. Both this and her follow up 'Colour' course include step by step easy to follow exercises.

So these volumes have been dusted down and I'm really excited about reacquainting myself with them....

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