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My Journey....

Life is about journeys - some planned and some unexpected.  Much like painting which I came to later in life.  I have always had a great interest in art, was a regular exhibition attendee and in my own small way made art purchases whenever I could as there really is nothing like owning an original artwork.  However, the thought of picking up a paint brush myself never occurred to me!!   Besides, I had always been fortunate in that my working life had a creative bent,  as a buyer in London, and more recently running my own interior design company in Surrey.  

However a move to Oxfordshire, along with a mid-life crisis moment, saw me enrolling at a local art school on an two year foundation course and the rest as they say is history.  I continue to attend classes locally and have just embarked on a year long course 'Defining Practice' at Newlyn School of Art.  I love being in the company of a group of artists and am inspired by the creative energy surrounding them, whether amateur or professional.

Over the last couple of years I have come to admire the British landscape tradition, particularly the concept of the 'Spirit of Place'.  Artists and writers have long attempted to capture the essence of special landscapes both well known and those that are intensely personal.  I have found such places in the countryside around where I live in Oxfordshire and locations I travel to, particularly the Western Cape, South Africa.  It is something I hope to explore more and more in my art in the years to come.

I work principally in acrylics but have begun to experiment in oil and mixed media - a journey I look forward to.

My website includes a gallery of my work and a blog in whose pages I hope to discuss a number of topics including exhibitions I have visited, workshops I've attended, hopefully with some guest bloggers on board, and of course the progress of my own work!!

Please use my contact page if you have any queries regarding a piece of work, some of which are available to purchase.

I hope you enjoy my site.


January 2019

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